The great northern tour 2015: part 11

After all the headaches of yesterday, today we are looking forward to some normality and to get back into the regular tour groove. We are all clearly still exhausted and sleep almost the entire way from Frankfurt to Antwerp.

I think Wojtek is nervous about his van, he knows it hasn’t been fully fixed yet and isn’t sure when it could fail on us again. Today will be our last show in West Europe before we head over the water to London tomorrow.

Antwerp is cold and grey, but I like Belgium and always have. Something about the country appeals to me, and I think its the simplicity of the place. The infrastructure is good and everything is generally modern and clean and things just make sense. Ask ask any one of my band mates and they will tell you I’m a man who appreciates logic and Belgium is full of that.


Arriving at the venue we have staff members meet us at the van and help us load all our heavy equipment. We are going to enjoy this while it lasts as it will be the opposite treatment in the UK where near body generally gives a shit about you. The venue in Antwerp is cool, it’s a perfectly long rectangular room with a nice big deep stage. The bar is in a separate room and there’s a nice big backstage. They take us to some other backstage rooms and serve us all a cooked dinner. It’s delicious.


The bands all sound fantastic in the room, we meet some of our Belgian friends from Dunk Festival who have made the trip down to Antwerp to catch up with us. Its really nice to see some familiar faces again.



Load out after the show is freezing cold, but everyone is in such good spirits (and boozed up) we have a load of fun. Over to England tomorrow!


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