The Great Northern Tour 2015: part 10

We got back in to the hostel from the venue at 2:30am, we may as well not sleep as our bus call is at 5am, only another couple of hours away. I figure some sleep is better than none so I rest my head for an hour or so after chatting to my girlfriend back home over the free internet.

I wake to my rude alarm and trudge out the door, everyone is exhausted and we will have to try get some sleep in the van, although its about -2 degrees outside. Walking into the van feels like literally sitting in a freezer.


We head off towards Frankfurt, Germany. Its a long 12 hour drive, we are absolutely exhausted, grumpy and freezing in the cold. Wojtek turns on the heating in the van but its only really working in the front, Alex and I are sitting right at the back wearing 4 layers of clothes and shivering. This sucks.

We head onto the highway but about 1 hour into the journey, Wojtek pulls off the highway and stops the van. He powers it back on and off a few times but something is wrong. He looks concerned. We see him pop the hood of the van and go outside. It’s 6am and still freezing cold. He cones back in and tells us something is wrong with the engine. This is the single worst time to break down, when we are 1 hour out from civilization on the middle of the highway freezing cold with no heating.

He makes a few phone calls but is advised that all the mechanics in Denmark are shut on Saturdays. We have the option of being picked up by a taxi and taken somewhere but thats useless as all our gear is in the back and we have a show to play in Frankfurt. Right now we dont really care about the show to be honest, we just want to be somewhere warm. After 30 mins or so sitting on the side of the road we decide to look for a mechanic. Wojtek finds one in a nearby town but he doesn’t open until 10am. We have about 3 hours to kill so we sit in the van freeing our arses off waiting for him to arrive. This has got to be the lowest point of our tour, hopefully the lowest. My cold, damp feet and toes feel like they are going to fall off in the cold.

A few hours and an oil and filter change later we decide to take a risk and limp it to Frankfurt but we are going to be 4 hours late at best. We let the other bands know and they kindly change the running order so that we are last on the bill (granted we even make it there at all). Worst case scenario we potentially will miss the next 3 shows. This is going to be a pretty hard hit considering the 3rd show will be London, probably one of the biggest on the tour.

11 hours or so later and we make it to Frankfurt, tired, cold and exhausted. There are drunk people everywhere and the venue is packed with punters. We have to load all our equipment down some tiny stairs past a crowd of people to the non-existant side of stage. Its ceampws abs hectic but everyone is kind of surprised we made it there at all.


We smash down some beers, load our gear on stage and play a show having not slept in thirty-somwthing hours we are just running on adrenaline. It’d going to be a good sleep tonight!


Apparently “the macareena” is still a really popular song at clubs in Germany and when the DJ plays it German kids can’t wait to do the dance.

Packing the van after the show and then heading off to the hotel, it’s one of those moments where you dont feel like you’ve actually made it through the day. I’m kind of hating being on tour today. I’m feeling homesick, I’m tired of the constant cold weather, the lack of sleep, the hauling of heavy gear up and down flights of stairs over and over. I miss Julie incredibly. Can’t believe I’m only a quarter of the way through the tour. This had better be the hardest and worst day, surely it can’t get more miserable than this.


At least we got to order some cup noodles through the window at a petrol station…

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