The great northern tour 2015: part 9

Had an alright sleep last night, the rooms each have 5 beds although its only 2 to a room. Surprisingly no noise from the loads of teenagers we saw pile in last night, I think they were all stuck at the opposite end of the complex.

The free internet is pretty great, thanks Scandinavia and please take note Liberal government in Australia. The free internet we get here in Denmark is already faster than what Australia wants to deploy and charge for in 5 years time.


We cook up a pretty awesome breakfast, I do the eggs, Alex and Otto on the mushrooms and tomato’s and toast. I indulge in some Lurpak butter, I know it will make my girlfriend jealous.


We have the whole day to explore the city before the show at night. So we take the opportunity to get dropped off in the middle of Copenhagen. I see my first insect of the tour, a tiny fly in a cafe. Thats one thing Europeans take for granted, there’s no bugs here.

The city is small and quaint, beautiful and expensive. It’s the type of place I would love to go on a shopping spree if I had loads of cash. Every store in the city is absolutely immaculate and presented perfectly like some kind of exhibition piece. Its actually kind of freaky and unsettling in some strange way.

We head back to the Lego store, its awesome. These pictures show a bit of what it’s like, Denmark’s national treasure.





There’s time to explore more of Copenhagen and we venture towards to water and eat open sandwiches and check out the cool scenery.



The show is in a crazy part of the city called Christiana. It’s kind of a hippie commune on an ex-military base on an island in the middle of the city. The police dont really go there and so it has its own segregated community and rules.

Rule #1: No Running.
Rule #2: No hard drugs.
Rule #3: Have fun.

There’s also kind of a 4th rule; no taking photos, especially at night.

On the way in, someone in a van who works at one of the bars hits the side of our parked van, the dude is probably stoned off his head and our driver is pissed off but he runs into the bar and emerges with a wad of cash. Our driver says its more than generous amount to fix the damage so he’s content.

The venue has a crazy goods lift to get our gear up to the 1st floor plus they have their own beer, which tastes pretty average but I’ll drink it anyway…




We are headlining tonight. The stage is nice and spacious and the room has filled up by the time we hit the stage. We give it our all and the punters respond enthusiastically. A good night all round!

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