The great northern tour 2015: part 7

We have all woken up today at 4:45am, groggy from only a couple hours sleep in the crappy band apartment bunk beds, we need to be on the road by 5am so we have 15 minutes to take a piss, brush our teeth, then be out the door. We bunked up with the Skyharbor guys and so now there are 13 people all waiting in line to use the single bathroom. I feel like I’m on some kind of year 6 school camp excursion.

With empty bladders we piled into the van and all instantly fall asleep. Otto tries out sleeping in the bunk bed in the van for the first time. Says it’s alright, I might have to give it a go as well at some point on the tour.

The trip is long and painful. My legs are so cramped in the back seat that I’m agitated the whole way. It’s a 12 hour ordeal traveling to Oslo, where we are genuinely excited to go to because we have never been before. The food prices at the petrol stations are a firm reminder we are in Scandinavia. I pay about 6 Aussie dollars for a bottle of soft drink and another 8 dollars for some kind of pastry thing.


After a long and cold drive we arrive in Oslo, it’s a pretty town and the venue is very nice. It’s this hipster run government funded place with expensive equipment and furnishings. The staff are all nice and awesome to us too, there are also 3 new clean greenrooms although its an all-ages Christian funded place too so no alcohol is allowed. We really don’t mind, its a fair trade off for everything else being great. If we need to drink there are bottles in the van we can drink outside.


The show goes well and all the bands sound great, however we dont really sell much merch as I think the majority of the punters are here for Skyharbor. Its an interesting tour to be on as different towns will be drawn towards one of the three banda a lot more than the other two, that was kind of the whole point of the tour, to combine our strengths across Europe and UK.


After the show we go and grab the most expensive Chinese take-away ive ever had. I think 4 dishes with rice end up costing us something like $150 Aussie dollars.


Accommodation is at a cheap hotel, 4 of us will cram into a little room but it’s better than being in a hostel.

Thanks Norway, down to Denmark next.

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