The great northern tour 2015: part 6

Otto and I are feeling groggy this morning. Its a 9:30am wake up (which is late for us) and I take a look in the mirror and my eyes are bloodshot from all the drinking last night.

We have showers then go downstairs for the provided breakfast, which in Europe is generally pretty awesome all the time with a pretty good selection of meats, cheeses, breads, cereals and fruit… Wish their coffee tasted better though.

Today we travel to Hamburg. We were there 2 years ago with 65daysofstatic however Hamburg was the one day where we didnt actually play a show with 65dos as they had some kind of festival to perform. Instead we walked up and down the reeperbahn, Hamburgs red light district full of weird and seedy shops, bars and restaurants.

Today is the day we take the opportunity to also do our laundry at a laundromat. Or “Waschsalon” as they call it in German. Yes these are some of the many unsexy things a band on the road has to do, our clothes have got to get washed somehow.

The venue is smaller than Berlin but just as cool. There’s an awesome chef upstairs who cooks us a great vegan meal and all bands play their sets. We have a really great show and more or less nail our set and the crowd loves it. Playing first is great because you can get it out of the way and then just relax and enjoy the rest of the night.

Otto and I are tired from the previous night. Brett urges me to get a good photo of Otto sitting near the bar falling asleep.


Sleepy Otto

The night ends and the bands all pack their gear, its nearing 1:30am and we have to leave at 5am. We are hoping for 3 hours sleep as least for an 11 hour drive ahead tomorrow to Norway. The accommodation is really terrible and there’s no hot water for a shower. I fucking hate these “band apartments”, they are always shit. If a promoter ever says the accommodation is ” private band apartment ” be warned.


Shitty old bunk beds. Gross.

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