The great northern tour 2015: part 5

Being on tour across so many countries makes it tricky to get internet on your phone as data is restricted to within the country only and roaming rates are crazy expensive.

Last night’s hotel however had awesome free internet so I used to opportunity to upload the previous blog and then Skype briefly with Julie. Being able to chat to my girlfriend put me in a good mood, it’s nice to have that video call contact even if you are just looking at them on your phone screen, it does make a big difference.


Maybe one day there will be affordable data roaming sims but until then I’ll just have to try make use of venue and hotel WiFi.

Today we head to Berlin and play a venue called Magnet. Its a pretty cool room and the backstage areas are really spacious and allow us to sprawl out. We get to eat a cake one of our fans Marta donated to us. It’s pretty delicious and a really kind gesture. I love cake.


Some rider featuring Love of Cartography cake.

The show goes well, we play a pretty strong show albeit a few technical issues with our keyboard.


Skyharbor are 2nd and they play an instrumental set as their singer has to briefly venture to Iceland to record a video clip for his other band. I ask Devesh how the show went, expecting them to be thrown by the fact they had no vocals this time but he is really pleased with their instrumental version and he should be too. Their show stands up being instrumental as well as featuring vocals, it’s cool to know your band can do both (as we can’t!).


Balancing stuff on Alex’s head backstage.

Tides close off the night and also have a good show so its all good vibes from the tour camp. We are staying in a hostel in the middle of Berlin. Otto’s chipdhood friend Neil takes us out to a bar he works at and feeds us free cocktails and biers, we get pretty drunk before we decide to call it quits and get some sleep for the next day. We dont have to leave until 11am so its a good night to go out partying afterwards.


Great bar staff hook us up with awesome drinks.


Berlin’s IP hostel

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