The great northern tour 2015: part 4

7:30am lobby call and I’ve had a decent  sleep. Our driver Wojtek was kind and insisted I take the double bed while he sleeps on the couch, you just can’t refuse an offer like that and my acheing body needs it too.


Downstairs I meet Brett, Alex and Wojtek at the band but we are missing Tim and Otto, they’re late for the lobby call. I know that Otto has been out partying with Devesh from Skyharbor last night and I suspect he hasn’t yet had any sleep. I was right, 20 minutes later we are on our way and the two are in trouble for sleeping through their alarms.


Alex and I wait for about 10 minutes while this old mate counts, counts and recounts his change at the counter.

Today we head for Wroclaw, playing a club called Liverpool. Wroclaw is a nice place, it looks even better today as the sun is out and shining. Our driver says its very hot today (top of 16 degrees). Maybe time to bust out the shorts and tee shirts?

Wojtek takes us to the shopping center for lunch, we eat at an Italian food place and its pretty delicious. It’s his hometown so he is pretty keen to drop us at the venue then go hang out with his girlfriend so we head off to club Liverpool.


Dog, dog, dog…


Lunch, lunch, lunch…


Wroclaw. Outside the venue.

The venue is underground and its god a heap of character and vibe but at the same time its pokey and small. The owner reckons it can hold 400 people but it looks like anything over 300 would be shoulder to shoulder. The mixing desk is in a really weird spot raised up in a cage where you need to crawl into and kneel otherwise you hit your head on the roof. Because of the low ceiling the whole club has all these weird nooks and crannys.


Backstage is pretty creepy too. It’s a dungeon of tunnels and passageways underground and feels like it used to be some kind of factory or bomb shelter.



The show begins with Skyharbor up first but there are already technical difficulties with the sound system. Our sound engineers find that the whole left side of the PA is considerably softer than the right and we have to crank another 10db into that side just to get it sounding a bit more balanced. Halfway into the set it sounds like a speaker has dislodged on the left channel. The show presses ahead anyway.



A tough night and a tough load-out through a cramped backstage, we are all looking forward to getting some sleep. We are staying at an Ibis hotel which is pretty comfy, the lobby call isnt until 11am so we all finally get a good night’s sleep.


Too much party make Otto sleepy.

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