The great northern tour 2015: part 3

It’s an early morning lobby call of 6am and we start the day in the freezing cold before the sun has risen.  The promoter had put us up in “band apartments” which generally refers to anywhere between run down shitty squat-like house to brand new luxury apartments, its kind of weird that the range of accommodation throughout any given tour can range so much but last night’s place was somewhere in the middle.

The heating doesn’t work, the shower kind of works, but slightly luke-warm is the best I can get. It doesn’t matter too much anyway as we are only resting our heads for 3 to 4 hours before we have to drive to Poland.

We will need to get the rest of our sleep in the van, I feel bad for Wojtek who has to drive for 5 hours. Tim I do not feel sorry for. Tim has this ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, in any awkward position. He’s one of those guys who can just tilt his head back and doze off in a matter of minutes and I’m incredibly jealous as I’m the opposite.


Sleepy Tim attacked by vampires.

My whole body aches from last night’s show, I know the other guys are in pain too. The first few days of a tour always hurt bad. Nothing really prepares your body completely for our energetic live show and the hauling of heavy equipment around and the only remedy is to just keep playing shows. After a while your brain just gets used to every part of your body being sore and you mentally block out the pain.

I shouldn’t really complain though right? I mean what other job in the world pays you to drink beer, do exercise and perform music all over the world?

We soon arrive in Warsaw. We always have a good run in Warsaw and we have worked with the promoters many times before. They are good guys and look after us well, tonight is no different. We’ve just been told that the show has sold out completely and to expect a very packed room. There’s 5 bands on the line-up too making things extra tight and tricky with all the extra muso gear to navigate around throughout the night.

We hear that there is a laundromat at the nearby shopping center so we grab our few dirty clothes and all head down to try and do a load of washing. After walking around the whole shopping center like dickheads with our bags of clothes it’s now apparent that this laundry doesn’t exist. Oh well, worth a try.


There’s always weird random stuff on the walls backstage

It’s showtime and all the bands perform well. We play a much better show this tine around compared to the previous night, as do Skyharbor and especially Tides from Nebula. Being their home town show, the crowd is absolutely frothing for them.


We hang out with our Polish friend Marta briefly before retiring to our apartments. There are 3 apartments for our band to share and they are pretty nice inside compared to last night. I get paired up with Wojtek, he kindly offers me the master bedroom and takes the sofa bed. I’m so exhausted I have no trouble falling asleep and it’s lights-out.


My digs for the night.

I set my alarm clock for 7am, this will give me a good 4 hours sleep. Adios!

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