The great northern tour 2015: part 2

Last night we drove to Leipzig. Its a pretty cool East German town and our accommodation is really beautiful. Its actually quite luxurious compared to the many places that venue promoters generally put you up in. There’s a nice kitchen too so we go shopping to cook ourselves a meal. I offer to cook brekky.


Not bad…



Off to do some shopping for last minute supplies. Its freezing cold here and I need to buy a beanie to keep my head warm. There’s lots of funny German stuff around that give us giggles along the way.


Finga’ lickin’ gute fahrt


LEGO stores!

We also go check out the cathedral where J.S.Bach composed some of his music and where his tomb is. There’s a Bach museum here and lots of old music stuff, which is rad.


Bach’s tomb



It’s our first show day and the first day we will meet the rest of the tour party. For the first 5 weeks we are playing a triple headliner bill with two other bands; Skyharbor and Tides from Nebula. Both bands are awesome and so we are excited to meet them.

We meet up and load into the venue, the venue Conne Island is really cool, its a nice size venue for our genre of music. Hopefully the other venues on the tour will be similar.




Me and Devesh from Skyharbor.

Our performance wasn’t all the best but that was expected from the first show of the tour. Usually it takes 4 or 5 shows until you start to really hit your stride and nail the sets. The other bands say they have a similar experience. Overall the show was decent but we know it will improve a lot over the next few days.


Good merch. Good Bier.


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