Recycle those band shirts!

Every now and then I buy a shirt at a gig to support the artist, unfortunately over time the shirts shrink or stretch through wear and tear (or more like my body shrinks and stretches) and they don’t fit any more. I would hate to throw out these shirts especially because they are mostly from local bands I’ve had some kind of history with, either as a punter or by sharing the stage.

So to keep those memories alive, I’ve cut up the designs and made them into canvas pieces to put up on a wall.  It’s pretty darn easy to do, all you need is to buy blank canvases or frames from a place like Lindcraft, Spotlight or The Reject Shop, they cost about $4 each.  Then cut up the shirt with scissors and use a stapler to attach them to the canvas. To mount them on the wall I use 3M Command picture hanging strips so that there’s no drilling involved.

Put your old shirts up on your wall

Bonza mate.

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One Response to Recycle those band shirts!

  1. Anthony says:

    Cool idea!

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