Bands, Music, Touring and Me

I have been slack updating this blog, I think it will be one of those places I update ad-hoc every rare once in a while to kind of archive stuff.

Music performance is a big part of my life. Outside of my day job I’m pretty much doing something related to music. Pretty much all my friends these days have something to do with the music scene or we have a connection through music in some way shape or form.  There’s a few personal achievements I feel should be noted down somewhere perhaps for myself to look back on when I’m old and grey… here’s some cool stuff I enjoyed over the years:

year: 2000
what: My band Tenstone won Youthrock 2000 at the Seymour Centre in Sydney. Out of it we won studio time at Trackdown, a gig supporting Christine Anu at an Olympic Torch relay event and a showcase with Mushroom Group’s Harbour Agency.  Funny thing is that today, 12 years later, sleepmakeswaves works with Dan Sant from Harbour Agency.

year: 2002 – 2005
what:  I play guitar in a new-metal-rap-rock band called Dropjive. I cringe a bit listening back to what we wrote but hey we were all teenagers trying to be cool.  I ended up meeting some very cool people through this band, some of which are still performing musos today including Raj Wakeling from Ashes and Johnny Wishbone from The Snowdroppers.  It was in this band I did my first proper pub/bar gigs at places like The Cat & Fiddle in Balmain and The Excelsior Hotel in Surry Hills.

year: 2005-2006
what: I create a bedroom project called ‘sleepmakeswaves’ with early collaborations with Jeremy Davidson (Johnny Wishbone) and Dom Alessio (Triple J presenter).

year: 2009-2011
what: I buy a cheap $100 bass guitar and end up auditioning for Sydney band Cameras. They end up taking me on board as a live session bassist and we go on to do some amazing things such as the Roxy Music Australian tour playing arena shows to tens of thousands of people, major festivals in Australia such as BDO, Playground Weekender, Southbound and Peat’s Ridge. They also take me along to the USA for the first time to showcase at CMJ New York and LA.

year: 2006-present
what: sleepmakeswaves becomes a proper post-rock band and we start recording and playing shows.  We’re building up some worldwide cred and have just returned home from a successful USA/SXSW tour. European tour is next!  We’ve done so many cool things with sleepmakeswaves it’s going to be hard to list them all. Playing alongside and getting to meet some of our heroes like And So I Watch You From Afar, Pelican, Russian Circles, MONO and Boris have been highlights with more to come this year (65daysofstatic, this will destroy you, Karnivool…)

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