twenty twelve guitars, needs and desires

It all started when I realised the desire need for some more guitars.  That’s right, for now I will convince myself it’s a need and not a want to self-justify spending thousands of dollars on gear.  This need arose from the fear of guitars breaking while you’re on stage.  I don’t mean breaking because i’m smashing my guitars during the encore like a rock-star, but breaking in the sense that you don’t know what happens to the health of your guitars on their travels between gigs.  There’s nothing worse than having the mad scramble setting up  all your gear on stage only to plug that lead in, strum a chord and not have any sound bellow out of your stack.  Or, to open your guitar case and realise that a string is snapped, even worse that the neck has somehow ended up in two individual pieces.

Guitars are sensitive, delicate ladies who complain when their environment changes.  Fair play to them though, touring instruments go through a lot of wear and tear in their lifetime.  From being thrown about on stage, knocked over after being leant up against the drum riser or foldback monitors, being used as a weapon against your drummer, etc.  I even cringe when the “special baggage” handler at the airport slams your prized possessions on to that black conveyor belt as they slide along into the abyss only to be thrown amongst the rest of the plane cargo while you pray they turn up in a playable state at the other side… or that they turn up at all!

It is for this reason that I now need backup guitars, and so began the search to find some…

The theory goes, keep upgrading your guitar and the old one becomes the new “backup” guitar.  Pretty much everyone does this because it just makes sense.  So now I have to try and get at least 2 of each type of guitar I own.  Uh ohh my wallet is starting to wimper already. 

In sleepmakeswaves i’m using two guitars, one is a Japanese Fender jaguar baritone special, Jenny I call her. She is tuned down to Drop-A (AEADF#B).  The other is an American Fender telecaster ’07 deluxe tuned to Drop-D (DADGBE).  The logical thing to do would be to get another fender baritone special, and another fender telecaster… but nooooo I just had to stumble across Mr Jonathan Shub the luthier and his company Twenty Twelve Guitars now based in Melbourne.

I’ve approached Jon with the task of creating something he has never done before, the concept is a flat-top es-335 style guitar… but in baritone form.  Oh yeah and to make it harder, he has to make two of them as I’ll need a backup amirite?!  The end result is hopefully two beautiful hand-made guitars to my specification and a very happy Otto Wicks-Green as he has been nominated as the hand-me-down owner of Jenny the Jaguar.

Jon has started templating and construction. Check it out…

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